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Bay State Strategic Solutions will work with you and your team to

Define and Develop Strategies which: 

- Overcome Challenges

- Ease Operational Changes

- Create Continuous Improvement

- Lead You to Scalable and Sustainable Excellence

Case Studies

Understanding the business as a holistic, growing and organic entity is Essential to fixing challenges that arise,  to Growth, to Scalability and to overall success.

Bay State Strategic Solutions, LLC uses a technique that incorporates various methodologies to understand and deliver a holistic operational assessment that digs into all aspects of Business Process and discovers the underlying efficiencies that drive your success. The Operational Assessment is a one time project with a deliverable that:

1. Addresses the outward facing Challenges.

2. Shows the Technology, People and Processes that attribute to the Challenge.

3. Displays the Interconnections between all areas.

4. Delivers Strategies on all possible Solutions.

5. Shows how an engagement with Bay State Strategic Solutions will lead you to Full Control &          Sustainability. 


Critical part of growing a successful business is a great Strategic Plan 


Bay State Strategic Solutions will work alongside you through the development of a customized, strategic plan that supports your goals, and also considers your business needs and the issues that are inhibiting your growth and success. A well organized short & long term strategic plan will align vision to resources and timelines.

Bay State Strategic Solutions will Build, Plan and Implement a strategy plan with you.


Change does not have to be SCARY

There are so many change management methods out there that it is hard to understand which is right for you. Bay State Strategic Solutions has years of experience in Change Management with a variety of methodologies. Working alongside you and your team, we will define a roadmap for change that is unique to your operations. We may use one or a mixture of methodologies, but the solution is tailored to your business & vision


Operational Excellence can mean different things in each Situation

Operational Excellence leads to Customer Success and Growth. Each operation is unique in the challenges faced, processes implemented or people doing the work. With a well structured and implemented turnaround at any level, your organization will realize improvements that were not even imagined. 

Implementing a solution that is a melding of various methodologies assures that the solution can be controlled


Technology Drives Business. Customers Need Security & Quality

Technology is a needed resource for a business to thrive, get customers & keep them. Implementing technology is not just a purchase, but a process that intertwines all departments and staff. Having the best plan of implementation at all levels will guarantee that the resources work for you and your customers and is not just a cost. Bay State Strategic Solutions has implemented technology platforms for many companies across many industries. We develop and implement the right technology strategy for your business, giving you the upper hand over your competition.


It is true that off shore resources are less expensive​, without the right model and approach it can be a disaster

Bay State Strategic Solutions has been instrumental modeling and building off shore development, design and product teams. An approach that is specific to your business will be designed and implemented that will be beneficial to the entire organization.


A staff augmentation model can speed up GTM initiatives, save time, money without having to let your top talent go. The process of off shoring staff is complex and tough to implement - let a professional guide you.

We'll create a outsourcing model that works for your customers


One Toxic Team member or team can spell Disaster

Staff at all levels have bad days/weeks for all different reasons.

There is an outdated concept of Work/Life balance while it should be more about Work/Life harmony

Many people or teams need a person to help them achieve their goals, while coping with life's many challenges. As a credentialed mentor, facilitator and coach, I work with teams and individuals to remove impediments and achieve the vision and goals that they have set for themselves and the Company. 

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