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Are You Facing Tough Decisions.... 

Process are Paralyzing your Business & Customers

Bay State Strategic will develop a comprehensive plan as well as execution using a variety of tools and methodologies aimed at increasing your customers satisfaction.


Using Six Sigma, LEAN, Kaizen, GEMBA, Agile tools and methodologies, Bay State Strategic will build a custom plan and execute on that plan that meets your goals internally and the expectations of your customers.

We will work with you to execute until full implementation


Your Budget Cannot Keep-Up with Expenses ...

It is inevitable with the changes in customer needs, inflation, hikes in operational expenses... budgets are tight.

We will hep you streamline your operations including off-shore staff augmentation with trusted partners, near shore remote development, physical downsizing, human capital reductions, disbursed team technologies.

We will analyze your customer needs & internal constraints to develop and execute a plan to meet your goals

Internal Productivity Loss can be Resolved with a Personal Touch 

Together we will take a deep dive in to the inner workings of your teams to find out why. Using proven Coaching, Mentoring and Analysis we will help your teams Achieve Peak Performance.


Are you giving your staff the ability to grow in their positions to something that will satisfy them?

Bay State Strategic Solutions will develop solutions that will keep your top talent engaged through established tracks in individual growth. The last few years two-thirds of professionals changed employers in pursuit of better growth and development opportunities. The average time spent at a position or company is now 2-5 years. when there is no room for a person to grow professionally, personally and intellectually. 


Bay State Strategic Solutions

will identify improvements in the internal operations so your competition does not steal your talent.

Are you losing money and staff even though sales revenue is up? 

Bay State Strategic Solutions takes a holistic view in to overall operations understanding how processes and correct strategic alignment increases revenue, repeat customers, while keeping core values in-tack . Listening to the internal and external customers of your business and product will expose unseen ideas for continuous improvement, product changes, process updates, or changes in the marketplace. Understanding each of these parts and being able to implement solutions can be overwhelming unless you have the right partner at your side.

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